Christopher Dietz


    Bowling Green State University (Bowling Green, Ohio) 
        Assistant Professor of Composition, 2011- present
             Courses: Graduate Composition, Undergraduate Composition, New Music Ensemble Director 
        Full-time Instructor, 2010-2011
            Courses: Studio Composition, Freshman Composition, Band Scoring, 
Choral Arranging, Graduate Theory Review
Oberlin Conservatory (Oberlin, Ohio)
Visiting Assistant Professor of Theory, 2007-2008, 2008-2009, 2010
        Courses: Theory I, II, III, IV Aural skills I, IV
        Winter Term adviser in composition, 2008

Hillsdale College (Hillsdale, Michigan) Adjunct Professor of Composition, 2007-2008
Studio Composition, Composition seminar

    University of Michigan (Ann Arbor, MI)  Graduate Student Instructor – 2004-2007
         Courses: 2 sections per term of undergraduate/graduate aural skills (12 sections total)


    University of Michigan, PhD in Composition and Theory, April 2007 (cognate: Italian) 
        Composition Teachers: Bright Sheng, William Bolcom, Betsy Jolas, Michael Daugherty
        Theory dissertation title: Changing the Frame: Multidimensional Constraints as Compositional Determinants in
                                                                                          Ligeti’s Ten Pieces for Woodwind Quintet

        Composition dissertation title: Quintet No.2 for clarinet and string quartet

        Theory chair: Andrew Mead
        Composition chair: Michael Daugherty
        Additional committee members: Evan Chambers, Composition
                                                                 Ramon Satyendra, Theory
                                                                 Greg Wakefield, Elec. Engineering and Comp. Science
    Manhattan School of Music,
Master of Music in Composition, May 2002
        Composition Teachers: Nils Vigeland and Giampaolo Bracali

    University of Wisconsin-Madison,
Bachelor of Music in Composition, May 2000
        Composition Teachers: Stephen Dembski and Joel Naumann

COMPOSITION – commissions and selected performances

    Rambleodeon – (13 players, 9 min.)
    Oberlin Conservatory Sinfonietta – May 2015
    Alarm Will Sound (Mizzou New Music Summer Festival) – July 2010
    from scratch (string orchestra, 10 min)
    San Jose Chamber Orchestra – March 2015
    end-to-end (clarinet, bassoon, horn, viola and cello, 12 min.)
    Decoda (Spectrum, NYC) – March 2015

    “Until the end, my dear.” (solo piano, 10 min.)
    Thomas Rosenkranz, Florida State University Festival of New Music – January 2015
    Thomas Rosenkranz, soundSCAPE Festival (Macagno, Italy) – July 2013
    Thomas Rosenkranz, Le Poisson Rouge (NYC)– April 2013
    To a Solitary Disciple (soprano voice, clarinet, tenor sax, percussion, piano, bass, 9 min.)
    BGSU New Music Ens. with soprano Elizabeth Pearse (BGSU New Music Festival) – October 2014
    Color Field Ensemble with soprano Amanda DeBoer Bartlett (Manhattan Sch. of Music) – April 2012
    C.F.E. with soprano Amanda DeBoer Bartlett (Eastman School of Music) – March 2012
    C.F.E. with soprano Amanda DeBoer Bartlett (BGSU Faculty Composers’ Forum) – February 2012
    Signal (horn, 2 percussionists, 11 min.)
    Andrew Pelletier (International Horn Symposium, London) – August 2014

    Scatter (12 percussionists, 11 min.)
    University of Houston Percussion Ensemble ­– April 2014 
    The Phases of the Moon (flute, viola and harp, 12 min.) 
    Trio KAVAK (Queens New Music Festival, NYC) – May 2014
    Conor Nelson, Matthew Daline, Julie Buzzelli (BGSU New Music Festival) – October 2012
    Beau Soir Trio (Cosmos Club, Washington, D.C.) – April 2012
    Only a Breath (baritone voice, orchestra, 25 min.)
    Orange County Symphony ­– June 2013

    Chrysanthemum (wind ensemble, 7 min.)
    University of Michigan Symphony Band – April 2013
    For Oboe (solo oboe, 7 min.) 
    Jacqueline Leclair (McGill University, Montreal) – January 2013
    Jacqueline Leclair (International Double Reed Society Conference) – July 2012
    Kinderspiel (flute, piano, 8 min.)
    Conor Nelson, Thomas Rosenkranz (BGSU Faculty Composers’ Forum) – February 2013
    Conor Nelson, Shinae Kim (Tenri Cultural Institute, NYC) – February 2012
    Vento-Vetro-Vernice  (4 trumpets, 4 horns, 3 trombones, tuba, 10 min.)
    Toledo Symphony Brass (International Visual Literacy Conference, Toledo) – November 2014
    Toledo Symphony Brass (Toledo Museum of Art, President’s Council conference) – October 2012
    Toledo Symphony Brass (Toledo Museum of Art, Wolfe Gallery opening) – May 2012
    Swarm (4 trumpets, 4 horns, 4 trombones, 6 min.)
    BGSU brass choir (Bowling Green State University Faculty Composers’ Forum) – February 2012
    BGSU brass choir (BGSU New Music Festival)  – October 2011
    Thicket (5 bassoons, 7 min.)
    U.Mich./BGSU faculty and students (BGSU New Music Festival) – October 2013
    Dark in the Song (Encuentro Internacional CMMAS, Morelia, Mexico)– May 2012
    Dark in the Song (Bowling Green State University) – March 2012
    Dark in the Song (International Double Reed Society Conference) – June 2011
    Dark in the Song (North Carolina School for the Performing Arts) – April 2011
    Le Chemin de Salut (mezzo-soprano voice, chamber orchestra, 35 min.)
    University of Michigan students and faculty with soprano Jennifer Goltz (UM Museum of Art, Ann Arbor) – October 2012
    BGSU New Music Ensemble with soprano Amanda DeBoer Bartlett (BGSU Faculty Composers’ Forum)– February 2011
    BGSU New Music Ensemble with soprano Amanda DeBoer Bartlett (Wright State Univ. “Constructed Territory” exhibit) – January 2011
    Oberlin Conservatory students with soprano Amanda DeBoer Bartlett – January 2010
    Palomar Ensemble (Chicago) – December 2008 

    La Fleur du Ciel(violin, viola, cello, 8 min.)
    Society of Composers Inc., National Conference (The Ohio State University) – February 2013
    Toledo Symphony members (Tutti Festival of New Music Denison University) March 2011 
    Sainte-Mère Festival Players – (Sainte-Mère, France) – August 2010
    East Coast Contemporary Ensemble (Etchings Festival – Auvillar, France) – July 2010 
    Five Reflections on the Rubáiyát of Omar Khayyám – solo piano (23 min.)
    Society of Composers Inc., National Conference (University of South Carolina) – November 2010
    Texas Woman's University (Denton, TX) – September 2010
    Omri Shimron, Symposium on Words and Music (Elon University) – September 2010
    Gharra – chamber orchestra (10 min.)
    Florida State University Festival of New Music – January 2011
    Miller Theater (NYC) ISCM Festival – June 2009
    North/South Consonance (NYC) – June 2008
    NewMusic@ECU Festival Orchestral – March 2008
    Utah Arts Festival Commission for Orchestra – June 2007 
    Sonoromoro   chamber orchestra (10 min.)
    L’Orchestre de la Francophonie Canadienne (National Arts Centre, Ottawa) – June 2009 
    Scolopendra (clarinet, horn, violin, percussion, 4 min.)
    Le Conservatoire Jean-Philippe Rameau (Paris, France) – November 2008
    Le Conservatoire Claude Debussy (Paris, France) – November 2008 
    De Profundis (4 clarinets, 9 min.)
    BGSU New Music Festival – October 2008
    The Toledo Clarinets (clarinet section of the Toledo Symphony) – August 2007 
    Quintet No.2 (clarinet and string quartet, 35 min.)
    Music08 Festival (University of Cincinnati Conservatory of Music) – June 2008
    Oberlin Faculty Composers Concert – March 2008
    The Zin Quartet with Georg Klaas (Kerrytown Concert House, Ann Arbor) – April 2007
    The Zin Quartet with Georg Klaas (Toledo, Ohio) – February 2007

    Trio (piano, clarinet, cello, 15 min.)
    The Chicago Ensemble (University of Chicago) – May 2008
    The Chicago Ensemble (Columbia College)  –  May 2008
    Palomar Ensemble (Green Mill Jazz Club, Chicago) – April 2008
    Eero Trio (Louisiana State University Festival of Contemporary Music) –  February 2006
    Eero Trio (Florida State University) –  February 2006
    Caldera(large orchestra, 11 min.)
    Toledo Symphony (Toledo, Ohio) –  April 2007
    Society of Composers Inc., National Student Conference (West Virginia Univ.) –  November 2005 
    The King of the Logs (marimba solo, fl., cl., bn., vln., vla., vc., 9 min)
    Palomar Ensemble (Green Mill Jazz Club, Chicago) – April 2007 
    Concertino (alto saxophone, marimba, string quartet, 20 min.)
    Erik Rönmark, saxophone, with members of the Detroit Symphony –  March 2007
    Allidatha(orchestra, 13 min.)
    University of Wisconsin-Madison (master class and performance) – December 2004
    Riverside Symphony Composer Reading Project (NYC) – June 2004
    Oxford University Orchestra, UK (lecture and performance) – May 2004
    University of Michigan – February 2004
    Prelude for Orchestra (3 min.)
    Toledo Symphony (Toledo, Ohio) – February 2004 
    The Golden Apple, overture for punk band (a.sax., b.guitar, drums w/ glock and timp., 4 min.)
    Atalanta (punk band) – September 2004
    Commissioned for the opening of the Overture Center –  Madison, Wisconsin

    Where the Moon Slants and Wavers (voice, fl., sax., guit., vc., perc., 7 min.)
    TACTUS Ensemble (NYC) – April 2003 

    Sound, Asleep(large orchestra, 10 min.)
    Minnesota Orchestra Readings and Composer Institute – October 2002
    Manhattan School of Music Orchestra – February 2002 
    Look Homeward, Angel  (vln., cl., pno., incidental music)
    The Actors Company Theater (NYC) – January 2002


    Conor Nelson – flute, Thomas Rosenkranz – piano. “Kinderspiel”, Nataraja. New Focus Recordings, 2014. CD. 

    New England String Quartet, Georg Klaas – clarinet. "La Fleur Du Ciel.", "Quintet No.2." Allusions. Navona Records, 2013. CD. 

    George Klass, Jocelyn Langworthy, Shannon Ford, Kevin Schempf – clarinet. "De Profundis." Toledo Clarinets. Cambria Records, 2009. CD.


    Florida State University Festival of New Music – selected participant – January 2015
    Random Access Music (NYC) call for scores, Trio KAVAK performances – May 2014
    Society of Composers Inc. National Conference – selected participant – 2010, 2012, 2013
    Tutti Festival of New Music, Dennison University – selected participant – March 2011
    Florida State University Festival of New Music – selected participant – January 2011
    Etchings Festival of Contemporary Music – Auvillar, France – resident participant – July 2010
    Mizzou New Music Summer Festival (Alarm Will Sound perf.) – resident participant – July 2010
    Camargo Foundation Fellowship – Cassis, France – September-December 2009
    National Arts Centre (Ottawa) Composers Programme Fellow – June 2009
    Copland House, Aaron Copland Award (residency date, June – 2009)
    New Music Festival at Bowling Green State University, selected participant – October 2008
    Banff Centre (Alberta) Summer Composers Residency – July 2008
    League of Composers/ISCM Orchestral Competition – July 2008
    Music08 Festival (U. of Cincinnati Conservatory of Music) selected participant – June 2008
    NewMusic@ECU Festival Orchestral Composition Competition – December 2007
    North/South Consonance (NYC) Call for Scores – August 2007
    The Chicago Ensemble Discover America Competition – August 2007
    ASCAP Morton Gould Young Composer Award, 2007 (Quintet No.2 – Clar. and Str.Quartet)
    Utah Arts Festival Commission for Orchestra, national competition – June 2006
    Mellon Foundation grant to fund Quintet No.2 – April 2006
    Society of Composers Inc. National Student Conference Orchestra Performance – Nov. 2005
    Riverside Symphony (NYC) Composer Reading Project – June 2004
    University of Michigan, Humanities Fellowship – September 2003-May 2007
    Minnesota Orchestra Reading Sessions and Composer Institute – October 2002
    Manhattan School of Music, Nicolas Flagello Composition Award – May 2002
    University of Wisconsin-Madison, four-year full-tuition scholarship (tenor voice) – 1995-99

Flute New Music Consortium Composition Competition (Finalist) – 2015
    Eighth Annual Thailand International Composition Festival (Alternate) – 2012
    American Modern Ensemble Composition Competition (Honorable Mention)  2011    
    Yvar Mikhashoff Pianist/Composer Commissioning Project (Special Award) – 2011
    SoundScape Festival (Maccagno, Italy) composer-in-residence position (Finalist) – 2011
    Djerassi Resident Artists Program (selected participant, unable to attend) – 2010 summer session
    Loudoun Symphony Orchestra American Composers Competition (Finalist) – 2009
    Indianapolis Chamber Orchestra Composition Competition (Honorable Mention) – 2008
    Truman State U./Macro Analysis Comp. Competition (Honorable Mention) – 2007, 2008
    N.E.O.N.. Nevada Encounters of New Music (Alternate) – 2007
    Earplay, Donald Aird Memorial Composers Competition (Finalist) – 2007
    Third Millennium Ensemble Composers Competition (Semi-Finalist) – 2007
    SCI/ASCAP Student Competition Commission Regional Finalist – 2006, 2007
    Copland House, Aaron Copland Award (Alternate) – 2006
    New York Youth Symphony’s First Music Orchestral Commission – 2006
    New England Philharmonic Call for Scores – 2006


    Director of the Bowling Green State University New Music Ensemble 
– Spring 2012-present 
    Guest Conductor of the Bowling Green State University New Music Festival – Fall 2011
    Guest Conductor of the Bowling Green State University New Music Ensemble – Spring 2011 
    Co-founder, conductor of the Re-source Ensemble new music ensemble, Ann Arbor – 2005-2007
    Conducting teachers: David Becker and Beverly Taylor, University of Wisconsin – 1995-2000
    Co-founder, music director of the Contemporary Chamber Ensemble,
        University of Wisconsin School of Music– 1999, 2000
    Conductor of Madison Children's Choir (high-school aged, SATB) – 1996, 1997, 1998
        (co-conductor of performance tour of Brazil – April 1998)
    Guest Conductor at the Milwaukee Young Artists Festival – Summer 1996, 1997, 1998
    Conducted the University of Wisconsin Chamber Orchestra and Symphony Orchestra in performance,
        rehearsals, readings of student compositions and standard rep. 1997-2000
    South Carolina Conductors' Institute; participant – Summer 1997, 1998
    Tanglewood; auditor of the Conducting Seminar – Summer 1997, 1998
    Frequent conductor of student works in Madison, New York, Ann Arbor – 1995-2007